There’s little that can compare to the bond that musicians have in the midst of a performance that just “feels right”. Notes, measures, solos and grooves, perfectly woven around the lyrics at the right time, to round-out the overall mood and theme of each song. More so, it’s seldom that such a group can even form and play together. Luckily, in my case, I’ve assembled such a group of talented musicians; all of which you’ll become more acquainted with, in the coming months.

And now, the real work has begun! Sifting through the countless songs and demos that I’ve recorded over the last few months, arranging and re-arranging a d narrowing down which ones are sounding best.

Long hours, late nights and we’re finally heading to the studio early next month! And, I can’t wait to share the progress with y’all! Until next time…..

-Justin Allen-