I awoke at 6:00am the day we were slated to head into the studio; even though I couldn’t sleep the night before, mostly because of excitement and partly because of nerves. I spent the majority of the morning wondering if it was really going to happen…. if we were going to be able to get these songs down.

By noon, I’d already arrived at the studio and had my nerves quelled by a slew of insulting, yet jovial, jokes and a round of afternoon drinks. After that, the rest of the day is a complete blur. Song after song, take after take, the day just swam along, with as many laughs as there were scowls and moments of frustration. But before too long, we were yelling “And that’s a wrap!”

12 hours, 24 PBR’s, 2 packs of American Spirits and 4 songs later, I introduce to you the first demos for my up-coming release this Fall. Take a listen to “Too Live To Know, Too Loud To Care” at www.ReverbNation.com/JustinAllenMusic

…And stay tuned for more! Until next time….
-Justin Allen-