ABOUT Justin Allen and the Wellshots

Justin 1

The Nashville-based Justin Allen and the Well Shots (JAWS) are coming off of their debut EP, “White Oak & Kerosene”, with momentum and a catalog of hopeful reviews. 

Being described as having a “uniquely personal lyrical take” with “working class authenticity”, JAWS has been compared to the likes of Springsteen, Mellencamp and Sturgill Simpson, the, self-proclaimed, “Roots & Roll” band are finding their way through the forest. 

Known for raucous live shows, spread across a party-fueled-platter and sprinkled with moments of intimacy, Justin Allen and the Well Shots know their way around a stage – bringing it all back to basics.

Justin, no stranger to Blue Collar living, has been playing out in bars since he was 13 years old. And, after moving to Nashville in 2015, the songwriter spent 6-months living in his car before recruiting the members of the Well Shots – Alex Haddad, Chris Sanders and Kyle Wierzba – and hitting the studio. 

Since the debut release of “White Oak & Kerosene”, JAWS has found themselves on the road, being featured on independent radio stations, interviewed by the Huffington Post and releasing music videos for their singles “Angelina” and “Come A Little Closer”.

As 2018 sets in, JAWS has already confirmed dates throughout the United States and has spoken of hitting the studio by Spring.

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