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ABOUT Justin Allen and the Wellshots

Justin 1Much like a Saturday night spent at a truck-stop “Show Girls” club, there is not much left to the imagination while talking with Justin Allen, as he sips on his pint of Black Velvet whiskey – straight from the bottle. “Hell, it’s cheap and it sure does get the job done”, the Nashville based singer and songwriter exclaims as he chuckles with his signature ornery and lively laugh.

“I’ll talk about it all. Doesn’t bother me none, whatever you’re asking has probably already made it into a song or two anyway”, Justin quips, setting the stage for a raw and honest conversation about his life. Never once making qualms, nor uttering a single word that sounded apologetic.

Though relatively new to the 615 area code, he’s no greenhorn when it comes to the world of rock ‘n’ roll and lively audiences, “I’ve been in bands since I was a kid, barely 13 and writing my own songs and playing in bars. It’s all I ever really wanted to do”; he explains while taking a quick pause and allowing a snarky smirk to begin forming across his face; “I never did like working much anyhow”, he says in a jovial tone.

And work, he knows. Formerly having his hands in construction, guitar stores, politics, a food truck and, most recently, pedi-cabbing in Nashville, Justin states that “I finally had enough of trying to walk the fine line between living how I wanted and how I was expected to. So, I just packed up, said goodbye to Ohio and went to Nashville”.

After six months of living out of his car and traveling back and forth from Ohio to record demos of his songs, the singer-songwriter has his band together (the Well Shots), a roof over his head and something he only ever dreamed of – support from a record label. “It’s been a wild ride so far and sleeping in a bed is definitely something that I’ll never take for granted again”, he says laughing. “Everything is looking up from here, but when you’re at the bottom of the mountain, every step puts you in a higher place, I guess”.

Having just completed a music video for the lead single Angelina off of his debut studio release White Oak & Kerosene for BluZealot Entertainment, Justin Allen expects things to start picking up in early 2017. “It’s a slow process. Takes patience; something I’m not too terribly fond of, but at least the wheels are turning. And, in the meantime, it’ll give me a little more time for some hell raising and horse riding”.

Leaving only his smoke cloud behind, Justin heads back into the rehearsal studio after he takes one more swig to finish off his whiskey pint and reaches down to pat his dog, Gibson, on the head. “Later, y’all”, he exclaims as he faded into the darkened room with his guitar and notebook.

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